It's all about pirateships & wordmaking!

Play as a swashbuckling Shaman fox who is recruited as a spellcaster aboard a Pirate Airship. Make clever use of words in your magic spells and take down other pirate airships. Compete with your Facebook friends in this turn based multiplayer and get a chance to best them at vocabulary.



Win 10.000 gold coins!

We are giving away some exciting in-game rewards for all the potential Shaman foxes out there.

  • 1Guess the number of words you can make with the letters give on the right
  • 2Submit your answer, and win 10,000 gold coins for in-game purchase if you're right!
  • I
  • N
  • T
  • E
  • R
  • E
  • S
  • T
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Meet the crew

Hold your mouse over each of them to hear what they are saying!


Defending be necessary eh! For if we lose all our defence, we loose our treasures


This is my ship, and I am it's Captain. Right ? Where's be my rum


The cap is the one who gives orders round here to attack or to defend


Runes to give that extra kick to spells, gold at the end of matches, and no bloodshed ..that's what we call smart looting.

Shaman Fox

Make me a word and I'll cast a spell for you

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